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At downtown driving school our students are #1 we make sure our students get the most knowledge possible at any level. With many years of experience, we have perfected the art of teaching new and experienced drivers how to drive safer and or correct any habits acquired thru the years. In our driving courses we will cover things like seat and mirror adjustments, steering control, brake and gas control, intersections (two way stops, four-way stops, and signal lights) unprotected left turns, right turns on red lights, lane changing and many other driving techniques that will help our students become the most effective, efficient and safe drivers. We do not use students time to pick and drop of any other students. We treat our students with the utmost respect and work on building their confidence while still keeping them aware of the importance of driving safe. Teaching our students safe driving habits is our commitment to you, your teen, your family, and our community. Thank You.

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$169   1 Driving lesson
On your 1st lesson. If it’s your first time driving, you will learn all the fundamentals of driving, like vehicle auxiliaries, mirror and seat adjustments practice residential driving, rights turns, left turns, lane use 4 way stops, 2 way stops, T intersections and right of way rules. We hope to also be able to teach you lane changes and right turns on red lights and unprotected left turns, also if you’re a minor the 1st lesson will validate your permit. If you’re an experienced driver we will work at the level you’re in and find any weaknesses and take you to more advanced areas where we can better sharpen your skills. One lesson Also, great for a refresher or brush up before your DMV exam. NOTE: All lesson is 2 hours we DO NOT use your time to pick or drop off any other students we teach one student at a time to be able to teach as much as possible and to limit the risk factor.

$319   2 Driving Lessons
Will make sure you remember everything covered in the 1st lesson. Continue strengthening your skills also we will take you to more advanced areas where there is heavier traffic (only if ready) we will ad other driving skills like parking spaces, parking next to the curb, backing up, u-turns, 3 point turns and freeway(if ready).

$469   3 Driving Lessons
Will make sure you remember everything covered in the 1st lesson and 2nd lessons. The 3rd lesson our students are more confident while at the same time cautious and defensive and have developed eye quickness and good coordination. Learning where potential hazards may be and are able to asses judge decide to predict and execute. When completing the 3rd lesson you will be issued your certificate of driver training DL400. On your last lesson.

$899   Six Lesson (12hrs)
As adults or teen sometimes, it’s hard to coordinate the time to practice at home with this package we have had great success in bringing students to the level of passing the driving exam. We also have a package that includes the driving exam.

$989   Six Lessons (12 hrs.) + DMV Driving Exam
This package Deal is recommended for new adult drivers that need to learn how to drive safe and be taken to the DMV to take the Driving test to get their driver license. We will schedule all your appointments as is most convenient for you and schedule your drive test and pick you up to take you to do the test in our vehicle.  ASAP

$39   Online Driver Education
Our affordable online driver education course is approved and meets all DMV requirements. We will mail your certificate of completion within 48 hours upon completion. You will need to show the PINK certificate of completion at the DMV. You will also get e-mailed 240 practice test questions and answers to prepare you for your DMV written test.

$170  Online Driver Ed + One Lesson (2hrs)
This package gives you the online driver education that allows you to get your permit and then you get the 1st behind the wheel lesson.

$470    Online Driver Ed + 6 Hours Behind the Wheel
You can save on this package by purchasing both the online driver’s ed and the 6 hours of behind-the-wheel.

$199   DMV Driving Exam
We will schedule your Test at the DMV at your availability and DMV, we will pick you up 30 minutes before your exam in our dual control compact vehicle go over the things you will be tested on making sure you have all the proper paperwork, reinforce your confidence. Brush up and refresh you just prior to your driving test. Plus, examiners love the dual controls in our cars they don’t feel so on edge. Then we will most bring you home.

$349    2hour Driving Lesson + DMV exam
We will give you a two-hour driving lesson. We will go over everything that’s going to be on the driving test, and how you will be scored during the test. The point system and the critical driving errors. Plus, we will take you to take your driving test at the DMV. And pick you up 30minutes before your test.

$34.95   Adult Online Traffic School
Is for adults that need to clear a traffic ticket by taking a traffic school course once completed we will mail your completion certificate to the court immediately.

$599    3 Lessons plus DMV exam
We will do 6 hours of behind the wheel training plus take you to do the driving exam in our vehicle.

$119    Quick Lesson 1 hour
For students that just want a refresher or students that can’t drive for long periods of time.

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